Video Tutorials

Not interested in learning Cupdom just by creating your free tournament and poking around? No problem!

Cupdom Demo

How to enter tournament information and add games to your tournament. (2.24)


Using Team Name Tags

Team name tags allow you to create automatically updating games table. Ideal for cup-like tournaments. (2.56)


Registration Management

Tired of managing your tournament registrations with your mailbox? Start using Cupdom before the tournament starts! (1.04)


Standings Tables

Cupdom creates standings tables for you. And guess what? They're updated automatically! (1.25)


Standings Tables - Advanced

Learn how to use the standings of the preliminary groups to make automatic final groups. This is possible by using the group macros. You may also adjust group standings by hand after locking them first. (2.03)


Referees' View

This tutorial show how your referees can use Cupdom Mobile App to update game events online to your Cupdom tournament. (2.01)


Cupdom Macros Cheat Sheet

+GAME_ID Winner of the game GAME_ID
Example: +QualA1 (Winner of the game QualA1)
Note: The original game QualB3 cannot be draw.
-GAME_ID Loser of the game GAME_ID
Example: -QualB3 (Loser of the game QualB3)
Note: The original game QualB3 cannot be draw.
@GROUP:POSITION Team in a GROUP at the position POSITION
Example: @QualB:3 (Team of the qualification group QualB position 3)
Note: The referred group must be in locked state. Lock the qualification groups after the last game of the group has been played.

Import Games

You can edit your tournament as an Excel file instead of using web-based editor. See all sample templates.