Tournament Templates

You can enter the the games to Cupdom with a browser. However, for large tournaments we suggest using your favorite spreadsheet program (e.g. free LibreOffice or Microsoft Excel). The spreadsheet templates also illustrate how to use Cupdom macros to automatize your tournament.

To use tournament templates:

  • Download the Excel template
  • Edit the games using MS Excel or LibreOffice Calc
  • Upload the games to the admin interface: Games page > Import Games

Cupdom reads your tournament data always from the first tab regardless the names or the total number of the tabs. You can use functions and defined names of your spreadsheet application to create an import template.


This is the most basic template. Check this out if you're intersted in the format of the import file.
Download the template

Simple Knock-Out

This template implements a simple knock-out (cup) tournament. The tournament starts with 16 teams. The winners continue the tournament to the final. The winners are referenced by +GAME_ID code.
Download the template

Two-Stage Round-Robin

In this samplate template the 9 teams are divided into three groups (Group A-Group C). In the first stage the teams meet both opponents in their own group. In the second stage the teams are divided into three final groups (Final 1-3, Final 4-6 and Final 7-9) based in their standings in the first phase. The first stage is implemented using the @GROUP:POSITION code.
Download the template

Two-Stage Round-Robin and Knockout

In this sample the 16 teams are divided into four groups (Group A-Group D). In the first stage they play a round-robin tournament within their group. In the second stage the teams meet their equals from another group. This is junior version of a knock-out: the losers meet in their final match.

The first knock-out games utilise the @GROUP:POSITION code. The knock-out stage is implemented using +GAME_ID and -GAME_ID codes.

This file also contains some automation to handle large number of data:

  • start_date and end_date are populated from the cell A2. To change the dates you need to edit only this cell.
  • start_time and end_time are calculated using the parameters in tab Parameters. Just enter the start time of the first game at B2 and the parameters in the Parameters tab and you're good!
  • The team names are set in the lines 2-9 (games 1-8). They set defined names (sort of variables) team_a1, team_a2, team_a3, team_a4 (for the group A), team_b1, ..., team_b4 (for the team B) and so on. In the later rounds the team names are read from these defined names. For example the name of the home team in game 12 at I13 is =team_b2. In short: to change the team names just edit names in the lines 2-9.
Does this sound complicated? No problem! You don't have to use any of the automation features of your the spreadsheet application to deliver a great Cupdom tournament!
Download the template

Cupdom Macros Cheat Sheet

+GAME_ID Winner of the game GAME_ID
Example: +QualA1 (Winner of the game QualA1)
Note: The original game QualB3 cannot be draw.
-GAME_ID Loser of the game GAME_ID
Example: -QualB3 (Loser of the game QualB3)
Note: The original game QualB3 cannot be draw.
@GROUP:POSITION Team in a GROUP at the position POSITION
Example: @QualB:3 (Team of the qualification group QualB position 3)
Note: The referred group must be in locked state. Lock the qualification groups after the last game of the group has been played.